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Compressed Air Flange Filters - MT

A comprehensive range of flanged filters 
with 5 models offering connections from 
DN80 to DN150 or requirement and 
capacities up to 200 Nm3/min (7063 SCFM).

Features of our product
  • Easy to change element from top flange
  • High grade carbon-steel cartridge
  • Water and corrosion resistant surface covered with epoxy resin
  • 5 Level filtration grade
  • Level indicator to monitor the critical level of downstream pollution prevention
  • Reliable automatic drainage
  • Can provide as customer require

The comparison of anti-corrosion treatment

Furthermore, we adopted an advanced technology of 
surface treatment used in the production process of our filter 
housing, both internal and external components, which can 
assure extended usage period. 

Therefore, we offer a 10-year guarantee from the date of 

installation. Pictures this side show the differentiation between 
our product and the other's without similar quality treatment.