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M-Plus filtration is ISO certified, technology-driven and committed to engineering innovations that satisfy customer needs for quality products, reliable filtration performance and value. Continued investment and innovation have delivered a steady stream of new products, services, proprietary manufacturing processes and new technologies that provide continued value for our customers. Equipment manufacturers and users around the world rely on our products every day. Our global reputation as a reliable supplier is the result of a market-focused development of filter products that meet today’s demanding specifications and standards.

ISO 9001

certification is the most comprehensive document in the ISO9000 series of standards and defines a quality management system for the manufacture, delivery and servicing of goods that must meet critical performance standards. M-Plus Filtration Co., Ltd. are accredited for our range of the scope “Manufacture of filter element of air compressor system and vacuum system for industry and hospital” by Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) (MASCI).

ISO 8573 is the group of international standards relating to the quality of compressed air and consists of nine separate parts. Part 1 specifies the quality requirement of the compressed air and Part 2-9 specify the methods of testing for a range of contaminants. In 2001, the ISO 8573.1 air quality standard was amended in an effort to provide a more stringent air quality specifications for critical applications and the latest revision is expressed as ISO8573.1 : 2001. Within ISO8573.1 : 2001, a number of quality classes are shown in tabular form, each specifying the maximum amount of solid particulate, water and oil allowable per cubic metre of compressed air. This document provides an introduction to ISO 8573.1 the international standard for compressed air quality, purification equipment required to achieve the standards and how to apply the standard to typical applications.

TSI® CERTITEST® Model 8130 Automated Filter Tester that is capable of efficiency measurements of up to 99.999%. It produced a particle size distribution with a count median diameter of 0.075 ± 0.020 µm and a geometric standard deviation not exceeding 1.86 µm as determined by a scanning mobility particle sizer (SMPS). The mass median diameter is approximately 0.26 µm, which is generally accepted as the most penetrating aerosol size.