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Company Profile

          M-Plus filtration was founded in 2004 and our headquartered and manufacturing plant in Thailand, M-Plus filtration serves industrial filtration markets including air compressor equipment, compressed air purification, power generation, gas turbines, dust collection, clean room, transportation and HVAC. M-Plus filtration has since extended into new dimensions of the filtration market and is now recognized around the world as a true industry leader.

M-Plus filtration has grown to be a leading provider of quality filtration and purification products for air, gas and liquid applications.

Productivity and Efficiency

Today, productivity and efficiency are more important than ever and it is well documented that filtration products contribute very significantly to improved equipment performance. With proper M-Plus’s filters, equipment operates more effectively for longer periods of time - decreasing downtime, increasing productivity and profitability.

Indoor Air Quality

Another important issue today is indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ ranks among the top business issues due to the direct impact of air quality on health and productivity of our people. It is estimated that IAQ problems cost businesses up to $60 billion each year. M-Plus’s HEPA and HVAC filters offer performance and value in addressing these needs.

M-Plus Filtration Tomorrow

As we meet today’s industrial needs with high-performance filtration products, M-Plus filtration will continue to strive to meet tomorrow’s challenges with consistent quality, technical innovations and service. It’s our gentleman promise with our global business partners. We care and build transparent and strong relationships and consistent and reliable customer service. It’s our commitment.